Courtesy of Saype  |  2021 New Contemporary Installation

The New Contemporary returns to the SCOPE pavilion with an experiential multidisciplinary program located in our expanded Atrium. The New Contemporary will present daily programming featuring large-scale installations, music performances, and panel discussions during the day while continuing our long-standing commitment to wellness. Guests are encouraged to attend morning healing programming and guided meditation against the backdrop of beautiful South Beach. This multi-day destination will transform after-hours into a premium nightlife experience, offering a world-class music program.


The German artist Tomislav Topić uses large-scale color and form to create site-specific art installations that derives from graffiti writing. Topić will install a large-scale immersive work at SCOPE’s front entrance, using shapes and patterns found in architecture to transform visitors’ perception of space.


Courtesy of the Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

BK Adams’ The Messenger "Time" A Blue Horse stands at 25 feet tall and 20 feet long. Conceived as a modern-day “Trojan Horse,” Adams’ large-scale sculpture employs the vernacular of welding and manufacturing to create a large-scale, three-dimensional artwork that inspires self-reliance and empowerment. Hand fabricated by the artist and his team, there are over 7,000 running feet of welds created entirely from steel; the work is painted with industrial blue car paint and draped with a blanket of 130 clocks, symbolic of the constant passing of time and our relationship with it. This handcrafted work echoes a history of manufacturing while posing the question, “Who is selling us the dream now?” The Messenger "Time" A Blue Horse is intended as a mantra to encourage the next generation to self-improvement, self-love, and actualization.


Courtesy of Connor Tingley Studio  |  Photographed by Quinn Matthews

Connor Tingley’s installation in collaboration with Curren Caples explored the unstable relationships between culture and nature in a liberated union of shared messaging between painting and skateboarding. Bridging gaps between three disciplines, DIY is an art collaboration between the mediums of music, skateboarding, and painting. The conversation is rooted by the subject matter of Southern California Americana in a work that is ultimately about man’s effect on earth and the limits of our creations in light of nature. They want to inform the gravity and the day-to-night transition that we all experience which is described by the mark-making from the skateboard wheels. They connect the domain of painting (on the wall) and skateboarding (on the ground). Each discipline is not compromised in approach but affected in their outcomes as they participate together.


Artist and two-time Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe nominee, Jeremy Pope, will join SCOPE in a conversation with Oscar-winning screenwriter and playwright, Tarell Alvin McCraney (Moonlight), around his photojournalism series, FLEX(bitch). Growing up with a preacher and professional bodybuilder father, this series opens a dialogue about Pope’s journey to manhood, masculinity, and self-love. What began as a self-funded creative project transformed into a therapeutic journey and a profound excavation of self. Pope and McCraney will discuss the confrontation of fears, unexplored thoughts, and the unraveling of internationalized homophobia. FLEX(bitch) challenges preconceived notions, urging us to bend what we believe about ourselves, our convictions, and how we show up in the world.


The Way of Tea, or Chanoyu, is a Japanese-born experiential installation art. It units hosts and guests in a ritual of sharing a bowl of tea, symbolizing harmony among individuals, craftsmanship, and society. In this gathering, we'll feature the works of artist "Takahiro Koga", known for his philosophy of 'NEO Wabi-Sabi', celebrating the beauty found in both luxury and simplicity, which may seem contradictory at first glance.


Made possible by SCOPE

daàPò réo is a Nigerian-born and naturalized U.S. citizen. His artistic practice draws on autobiographical material and his subject matter deals with shifts in perspective, reversible identities, and interactions as humans. He features the American flag as a recurring motif. It’s one of the most recognizable national banners worldwide, the U.S. flag epitomizes a sense of home and pride in one’s identity, but also the face of the Western world, of its imperialistic liberalism and recent drift to the political right. He uses it as a catalyst for conversations, a canvas to crystallize ideas and feelings.


Made possible by Canon

Canon USA Inc. is proud to celebrate creators at SCOPE Art Show. Visit the New Contemporary to see acclaimed artists, photographers, and content creators present their larger-than-life work on the Monolith, made possible by Canon.

Spotlighting an incredible roster of Canon Creators, you’ll see stunning imagery and videos from Alisha Marie, Atiba Jefferson, Ben Hagarty, David Suh, Erika Titus, Kelsey Johnson, Marina Williams, Misshattan, Raven B. Varona, Rory Kramer, and Sam Newton. Many of these talented creators are showing their work at Miami Art Week for the very first time, thanks to Canon’s support.

Not to be missed, the Monolith will also feature several vibrant photography and video installations from Los Angeles-based artist Maggie West.

All of the art shown on Monolith was captured exclusively on Canon cameras. Come along as we celebrate creativity on the sands of Miami Beach by following @canonusa on Instagram or TikTok.


SCOPE continues to bring the world of art to unconventional settings. This year the SCOPE Walls, a series of murals, will be featured at SCOPE on the sands of Miami Beach. This project is a continuation of SCOPE’s mission to work globally while thinking locally, impacting the art industry as a whole with a profound respect for the surrounding community.
The works this year are a black and white monochrome highlighted with select, powerful, colors from a rainbow. This is a way of drawing a broad but simple 'line in the sand' as it were. This line though is not an ultimatum but rather an invitation. Through the righteous aid of all the participating artists. NOT SO BLACK AND WHITE, is our effort at a beach front venue that sparks dialogue and discourse. Our world is rapidly changing and evolving and through art and through conversations we move together.
This joint project between SCOPE Art Show and STRAAT Museum brings together two leading international art institutions with a shared commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and social justice. STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam is the world's largest Street Art and Graffiti focused museum. The collaborations created a unique platform for artists to showcase their work, engage with a global audience, and participate in important conversations about contemporary social issues.



Courtesy of Claire Oliver Gallery

Jeffrey Henson Scales recently discovered lost negatives from his early days in the Black Panther Party; this series of photographs reveal to us, 56 years later, an intimate peek at an organization that has long been misunderstood and misrepresented. Henson Scales visited Huey Newton in jail frequently while he was on trial for murder in the killing of an Oakland police officer during a traffic stop. The Black Panther Party chairman, Bobby Seale, encouraged Jeffrey to be the official photographer for the party’s newspaper, The Black Panther, and this became the first place his photographs and illustrations were ever published at the age of 13.


Internationally acclaimed artist Lucy Sparrow returns to Scope Art Show, Miami this December to present Feltz Bagels, an artistic homage to New York’s legendary culinary delicacy. Feltz Bagels will be a fully immersive experience where visitors can buy their favorite bagel handmade in felt and served personally by Sparrow herself. Feltz Bagels will offer thirteen varieties of bagel - each hand-sewn and available filled or plain with a sewn selection of NY staples; choose from a poppyseed bagel with a schmear, a colorful rainbow salt-beef bagel or the everything bagel filled with pastrami and pickles.


Courtesy of Claire Oliver Gallery

Luminous Twist, in its simplest interpretation, is a light fixture. The sculpture comprises a cluster of streetlights in keeping with familiar public lighting features. Here, however, the lights come to life. Rising from a single foundation, the light poles gradually diverge into individual intertwining paths, abandoning a static vertical posture to join into a vibrant, life-like spiraling form. Representing a tree, a swarm, or a choreographed dance, Luminous Twist literally illuminates but also suggests that the ordinary can become extraordinary and, in fact, that the ordinary itself is extraordinary. Luminous Twist both illuminates and creates a visual anchor in the center of the SCOPE Miami 2023 tent.


Lauren Fenserstock’s Manifest Lands Like This is a series of seven wall-hanging obsessively detailed mosaic sculptures inspired by the energy centers of the chakra system. The sculptures showcase two elements crashing together – with one merging together explosively and another tentatively testing the boundaries of difference – and the shapes bring together an esoteric cast of forms from Buddhist texts and contemporary science. Each sculpture’s title is a loose interpretation of the original Sanskrit, embodying each chakra’s emotional and energetic nature.

"Manifest Lands Like This" is a cosmos of collisions. A pair of stars merge explosively. Another duo tentatively tests the boundaries of difference. A glittering sun longingly rips a wound as it devours its partner. These sculptures bring together an esoteric cast of forms from Buddhist texts and contemporary science including supernovae, lotus blossoms, black holes, and root systems. Moving from the tiny to the incalculable, they pull from the farthest reaches of our universe and the ground below our feet, to reveal an equality in all things.


Made possible by SCOPE

Lillian Blades’ works are predominately mixed media assemblages on wooden panels or wired together to form moving tapestries. Her childhood home of The Bahamas, her ancestral background of West Africa, and her late mother, who was a seamstress, influenced her art. These influences appear through the use of her color palette and objects that evoke memory and history. The assemblage format of collected and curated bits and pieces is like a quilt or family heirloom.


The SCOPE Main Stage will host events throughout daily programming. In the morning, guests are encouraged to attend yoga and guided meditation. Afternoon activations include daily talk series and performance programming. At night guests have a chance to loosen up and blow off some steam with a-list talent that is respected worldwide. All of this is occurring alongside large-scale installations, music, and VIP tours, creating an unforgettable experience for those attending.

Made possible by SCOPE


SCOPE is proud to reintroduce the SCOPEcircle with a new initiative that invites top collectors to host an artwork presented by our flagship New Contemporary program. Large scale sculptures will be loaned to collectors in the spirit of building emerging artist patronage.


James Reyes, Untitled, 2023  |  Courtesy of Ki Smith Gallery

We're thrilled to present three sectors of outstanding galleries for the 22nd edition of our flagship Miami show: Futures, photo basel + SCOPE and CORE.

Stellar emerging galleries who are new to SCOPE featuring solo exhibitions.

A front-of-show selection of dynamic established galleries that are magnifying diverse voices.

photo basel + SCOPE
Top photography galleries presenting solo or thematic exhibitions: in partnership with photo basel.


Greg Allen-Müller, Hyper-Realistic Straight Lines, Sculpture  |  Courtesy of Bahnhof Gallery

Curatorial Awards are given to exhibitors featuring an extraordinary program through solo or focused thematic curation.

2021 Programming


Angèle Etoundi Essamba, Deploiement, Photography   |  Courtesy of Galerie Carole Kvasnevski

SCOPE International Art Show is proud to present galleries from over 25 countries in 2023. Our commitment to diversity in our program is exemplified by the generous Travel Grants that we offer to exhibitors who are traveling from overseas.

2021 Programming


After the success of their partnership in 2022, Alo Yoga returns to SCOPE to present daily health and wellness programming. Guests will be encouraged to attend morning healings, yoga classes, guided meditations and more – all against the backdrop of beautiful South Beach.


SCOPE presents a dynamic series of talks and events in partnership with prestigious publications, institutions and strategic partners.

2021 Programming


Sunsets transform experiential afternoons into exclusive live evening performances. SCOPE’s stage will ignite with top music performers who will add a new dimension to our pavilion.


SCOPE's multi-day destination will transform after-hours to a premium nightlife experience and feature world-class music talent at night.

2021 Programming

Ashley  |  Clare Celeste

Ashley partners with international collage artist, Clare Celeste, to create an immersive exhibit at SCOPE Art Show that highlights the delicate balance between nature and nurture while showcasing furniture from Ashley’s new leather collection launching December 2023.


New York City underground art gallery 'The Locker Room' unleashes Winnie Cheung's documentary-horror film, RESIDENCY, at SCOPE Art Show.

Is it a documentary about making a horror film? Or a horror film about making a documentary? Artist and Filmmaker Winnie Cheung crafts a haunting metafictional tale about women artists pushed beyond their limits.

Screening will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Art21’s Nick Ravich with director Winnie Cheung, producer Samara Bliss, and artist Manuela Viera-Gallo.

Following the screening, we will showcase a video of Connor Tingley's installation. This installation in collaboration with pro skater Curren Caples explores the unstable relationships between culture and nature in a liberated union of shared messaging between painting and skateboarding.

Private Event


Come SERVE at SCOPE! Book a match at the Joe & The Juice x Miami Pickleball Club Court. Email to reserve. Chill at the Joe Beach Hut, enjoy coffee, food, lessons, and more.

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