SCOPE has partnered with digital marketplace YellowHeart for a diverse curation of innovative NFT minted VIP tickets. Minted tickets will feature unique editioned artwork celebrating SCOPE’s New Contemporary program, presenting artists that define our cultural landscape across a variety of creative disciplines.

These unique 20th anniversary collector’s items will be available beginning in September and will be released in a very limited batch.

About YellowHeart:

Founded in 2017 by Josh Katz, Founder and CEO, YellowHeart is the first socially responsible live event ticketing and music NFT platform. YellowHeart is an autonomous, fully decentralized platform that runs on a public Blockchain – which enables artists and teams to identify, market, and sell directly to their fans.


NYCHOS creates art from deep within his soul. Deeply rooted in Graffiti and shaped by the visual
inputs of his early years, his work comprises murals, fine art, illustrations, sculptures, and animations.

By the means of anatomy, NYCHOS investigates the living species across different contexts and
different media. His favorite tool is the spray can, his favorite surface is large. Questioning contrasts,
he unifies looseness and accuracy. Severity and irony. The inner and the outer world. The dark and
the bright. And most importantly, life and death. Within his oeuvre, one embraces the other. All
becomes one.

In collaboration with Mirus Gallery


Relm is an oil painter and amateur sculptor born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and raised in NYC. Her work ranges from erotic dream-like and desolate settings to unique twists on basic portraiture. The beings she creates are innocent outcasts, exiled into their fairytale worlds. Every piece is a small glimpse into their destitute lives. Behind each set of doe eyes and pouty lips, there is a background full of diverse emotions and individual experiences to connect to.

In collaboration with Mortal Machine Gallery


Logan Hicks deals with the urban landscape in his work. His intricate stenciled murals depict the nuances of city life that epitomize the urban existence. Based on pictures, Hicks creates stencils with usually more than five different layers, cut out piece-by-piece, and painted one on top of each other. The result is hyper-realistic works showing urban situations in an exceptional nocturnal light.

In collaboration with Taglialatella Galleries

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