Celebrating its 20th edition, SCOPE Miami Beach returns to its bespoke pavilion on the sands of Ocean Drive and 8th Street. Honoring its perpetual mission to provide a platform for discovery, SCOPE will welcome 140 diverse contemporary exhibitors featuring The New Contemporary, a genre that stands as a critical contribution to both global politics and local community engagement.

SCOPE is also pleased to present the popular experiential program OASIS for its second edition in Miami Beach. OASIS will present daily programming featuring large scale installations, music performances, and panel discussions while continuing our long-standing commitment to wellness.

Amidst an unprecedented outpouring of critical acclaim from press, curators and collectors, and a digital and social media outreach campaign garnering over 500 million impressions, SCOPE Miami Beach is once again poised to lead the charge for emerging contemporary art market.

Platinum First View

Platinum Cardholders or by Invitation


Tue, Dec 1 12pm - 4pm
Tuesday, Dec 1 12pm - 4pmTuesday, December 1 12pm - 4pm

VIP | Press Preview

VIP Cardholders and Accredited Press, or by Invitation


Tue, Dec 1 4pm - 8pm
Tuesday, Dec 1 4pm - 8pmTuesday, December 1 4pm - 8pm

General Admission

Day Pass


Wed, Dec 2 11am - 8pm
Wednesday, Dec 2 11am - 8pmWednesday, December 2 11am - 8pm
Thu, Dec 3 11am - 8pm
Thursday, Dec 3 11am - 8pmThursday, December 3 11am - 8pm
Fri, Dec 4 11am - 8pm
Friday, Dec 4 11am - 8pmFriday, December 4 11am - 8pm
Sat, Dec 5 11am - 8pm
Saturday, Dec 5 11am - 8pmSaturday, December 5 11am - 8pm
Sun, Dec 6 11am - 8pm
Sunday, Dec 6 11am - 8pmSunday, December 6 11am - 8pm

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