MAY 22 - JUNE 05

We share a deep concern for our galleries’ well being during this difficult time and empathize with all who are faced with new critical challenges as we share the sensibilities and sensitivities of being a small business. With the impact of COVID-19 being felt globally and throughout our immediate communities, SCOPE believes that now more than ever, we are called to affirm our mission of presenting the very best of The New Contemporary.

It is in this spirit of being responsive and adaptive that SCOPE is pleased to present SCOPE Immersive | Online Viewing Room. These invitational, survey, and thematic online events will present collectors with the opportunity to explore and purchase artworks from SCOPE exhibitors remotely in a curated digital and interactive space.

These unique events will be presented each month, doubling in size each show, building up to 128 galleries in September.


SCOPE Immersive’s inaugural edition is open to collectors, curators, and art lovers alike through June 5th. This edition features eight galleries exhibiting solo shows in The New Contemporary genre.

ALMANAQUE fotográfica | Mexico City

The Cynthia Corbett Gallery | London

Galería Elvira Moreno | Bogota

Meijler Art | Tel Aviv

NG Art Gallery | Panama City | Havana

Olivia Connelly | Bath

Rutger Brandt Gallery | Amsterdam

Thinkspace | Los Angeles


Unlike other platforms that rely on outdated iterations of basic slideshow technology, SCOPE Immersive invites collectors to step inside three-dimensional spaces, which can be easily accessed by computer, mobile phone, or VR device.

If you're a gallery interested in applying for subsequent editions, please email or click the button below.


This September, SCOPE Immersive | Online Viewing Room will present collectors with another opportunity to explore and purchase artworks from SCOPE exhibitors remotely in a curated digital and interactive space.

As a part of our ongoing effort to create space and opportunities for more diverse voices, we are proud to be expanding our New Contemporary Program, a program that stands as a critical contribution to both global politics and local community engagement, by partnering with non-profit organizations that are fighting for inclusivity in the art world by uplifting Black artists and thinkers. This initiative will carry on after Immersive through our Miami Beach show in December and beyond.


Los Angeles gallery Thinkspace has been exhibiting with SCOPE since 2012. Since that time, they've become a SCOPE Miami Beach staple. We talked with Co-Founder and Lead Curator Andrew Hosner about how the gallery is embracing going digital during this time and new online initiatives.

What was your first SCOPE show?

Our first SCOPE show was Miami 2012. We featured sold-out showings from longtime family members Amy Sol and Brian M. Viveros, both of whom we still work with to this day. After two years with Aqua, we were thrilled to take this next step and start a relationship with SCOPE.

What’s your favorite SCOPE memory?

The first year SCOPE was on the beach was an exciting one for all involved. We felt we had really grown with the SCOPE family over the years and we were thrilled to share in this very big moment with them.

How have you and your artists been able to support one another during this time?

We’ve continued on with our exhibition program and have been doing our best to keep our social feeds filled with exciting content.

We’ve always had an aggressive marketing arm, and we’ve not let up during the pandemic. We’ve been hosting virtual self-guided tours, professionally shot video tours of our shows, installation photographs, interviews with our artists, and more.

Our two new shows, currently on view, have sold out, and our live opening on Instagram enjoyed over 1,000 participants.

Tell us a bit more about your Instagram contests that you’ve been holding.

We held the #OtterThinkspaceContest in March during lockdown that saw over 300 artists from around the world enter with their depiction of our Maine Coon cat, Otter. We gave two artists mini-solo shows, and a couple of dozen others were invited to take part in our big 12x12 inch group wall we do each year at our booth with SCOPE Miami Beach.

There was such a buzz on the two winning paintings in our #OtterThinkspaceContest that we released them as timed prints, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to our friends at POV Evolving Print Shop in downtown LA who are manufacturing much needed PPE for our healthcare workers. We were able to donate $1,500 with the help of the print release and our patrons.

In April, we held a follow-up contest, #ThinkspaceHappyPlace, that saw over 400 submissions from around the world that captured their happy place. One artist won a mini-solo show with us, and we will be putting together a “Happy Place” themed group show with the ten runner ups, all of which will happen in spring 2021.

Are there any initiatives you’ve done, that you think others could benefit from?

We have been busy promoting an inventory wide 25% off sale where the discount comes out of our end, and our family of creatives still receive their full cut. Our worldwide patron base has embraced this fully and we have sold over 90 works of original art during the shutdown.

What does your work from home situation look like?

My wife and I are collectors first and foremost, so we’re lucky to be surrounded by art and inspiration. As mentioned, we’ve stayed the course with our exhibition program, so we’ve kept very busy with the marketing and sales behind our recent shows and have been staying on top of getting our family of creatives paid on time from our inventory sale.

One of the most rewarding things we've been doing is our recent contests on Instagram. I hear from creatives daily that say the contests have helped them out of a slump and given them something to do and be a part of. All of that is just such a huge bonus. It’s really hard to put into words, it’s special, very special.

How is your business learning to grow and adapt to the current market?

We’re in our element. We’ve always pushed our marketing as far as technology would allow us to. It feels many are finally waking up to how we’ve been rocking things for a while.

We’ve had our entire inventory active, updated regularly, and listed online since early 2006. It’s been an integral part of our success and a huge reason why our patron base is so active worldwide.

We’ve posted photos of our installations and opening nights for as long as I can remember. We’ve shared interviews with artists on our blog for many years now. We do studio visits and share videos and photos from them, whenever possible.

We’ve been doing recap videos of our openings for a number of years now, with most in LA hiring the same videographer after watching us do them for a good while. We now have him doing virtual self-guided walk-throughs and more for us.

How have you and your artists been working together to ensure online exposure and sales?

We’ve always approached our shows and fairs where we showcase our family of creatives as a team effort. Our artists have always seen the importance of a dual, well-focused attack when it comes to a new show, a print drop, or sharing the word on sales initiatives. Taking advantage of both of our social followings is key.

What changes will your gallery implement once this has passed if any?

We will be having far less packed openings, asking all to wait in a line outside to enjoy our exhibitions under the safest possible conditions, probably testing temps at the door. Past that, just hoping over the year ahead we can slowly get back to as normal, as our new normal can be. I’m sick of that term like I’m sure many are, but I just don’t see us ever getting back fully to the way things were. Only time will tell.

We’ll definitely be keeping some of the new social initiatives we’ve introduced in place (as mentioned above). Too many have been loving it, that aren’t lucky enough to live in LA.

Any other fun online initiatives you care to share?

We’ve been holding virtual Friday Happy Hours where one of our gallery owners, Leonard Croskey, spins tunes while we tour the shows and share a few glasses of wine with everyone. It's all for fun and the love of our community and doing all we can to engage our vast audience of patrons the world over.

It’s been a blast, and we are going to keep a lot of these new virtual-only type initiatives in place once out of the pandemic. It’s been amazing interacting with people from all over the world as we walk live through our shows on Instagram and Facebook.

What's the first thing you want to do when this is all over?

See some close friends, have a smoke, catch up with everyone, and go have someone else cook us the most epic of meals. Then, we’d get out and see some art in person at other galleries, visit some of our favorite museums and parks, and just LIVE LIFE without so much fear and uncertainty.

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