Andreas Kocks

As a material, paper is singular in its ability to absorb ideas, fragile in its delicacy, and malleable enough to be transformed through any number of techniques.  As a universally accessible and daily utilized medium, the blank page is a wonderland for artistic vision and imagination.

To the artists selected for MOO + SCOPE’s Basel edition of Paper View, the two-dimensional surface is something to be metamorphosed into a three-dimensional investigation.

Annie Vought

Coaxing the surface through labor-intensive methods such as a crushing, folding, cutting, and suspending–paper becomes a medium through which a subject literally jumps off the page. This is Paper View.

Christophe Piallat

Cristina Parreno

Hollis Hart

Kustaa Saksi


Robert Seidel

S. Astrid Bin

Simon Schubert