YellowHeart X SCOPE


STEP 1 Set up your 
NFT Wallet
From a computer (non-mobile), visit and select "Connect Wallet" in the top right corner.

STEP 2 Select a wallet provider
In this example, we’ll select “Get YellowHeart” using Google Chrome. Easier for payments with Credit Card.

STEP 3 Add Chrome Extension
On the Google Chrome extension page click “Add to Chrome” and follow their instructions. Once the extension has been added, return to and refresh the tab.

STEP 4 Create a Wallet Account
Click the YellowHeart Wallet extension in your Chrome browser, click “Sign Up”, and follow the steps to create your account.

Step 5 Add a Credit Card
Once you are signed up and logged in, select the “Add Card” button in the middle of the extension and enter your details.

Step 6 Connect your wallet to
Now that your wallet is set up, click connect wallet on the site and “accept” the connection request in your wallet.

For more information on setting up your account, visit


SCOPE has partnered with digital marketplace YellowHeart for a diverse curation of innovative NFT minted Platinum and General VIP tickets. Minted tickets will feature unique editioned artwork celebrating SCOPE’s New Contemporary program, presenting artists that define our cultural landscape across a variety of creative disciplines.

These unique 20th anniversary collector’s items will be available beginning in September exclusively on the YellowHeart marketplace and will be released in a very limited batch.

“In celebration of our 20th anniversary, SCOPE has partnered with digital marketplace YellowHeart to create a first of its kind Blockchain ticketing solution featuring a diverse curation of innovative NFT minted VIP tickets,'' said SCOPE Founder, Alexis Hubshman. “This unique set of minted tickets will feature exclusive editioned artwork by emerging and celebrated artists alike including CTWF (Coloring The World Foundation), a foundation inspired by the vision of Okuda San Miguel, who is the foundation’s honorary president and main ambassador. This partnership complements SCOPE’s New Contemporary program, a program that stands as a critical contribution to both global politics and local community engagement while celebrating new and diverse voices in the arts.”

About YellowHeart:

Founded in 2017 by Josh Katz, Founder and CEO, YellowHeart is the first socially responsible live event ticketing and music NFT platform. YellowHeart is an autonomous, fully decentralized platform that runs on a public Blockchain – which enables artists and teams to identify, market, and sell directly to their fans.


Edition: 200 General NFT Tickets  |  USD 150

ENTES (Joan Jimenez Suero) lives and works in Lima, Peru. With a long trajectory in the street art scene, his work has been displayed in Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, UAE, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and the American continent.

During his artistic practice, the roots in front of the gaze of that minority, of the other, have been evident; consequently, the presence of symbols and signs in relation to elements that coexist with a complex city such as Lima; violence, inequality, and above all social injustice, demand from the Latin American viewer a relationship of belonging to the city they inhabit in a current context

The transversal axis that the artist proposes in his work is to transfer from his interpretation, the dialogue that a city establishes with art, according to its own means of representation, such as posters, tags, scratches, phrases, etc.

ENTES has decided to step aside and leave the crossroads behind on a slightly different path, and we, its audience, are assisting in the development of its search. The artist takes fundamental elements of graffiti and does with them what he thinks he should do; whether the result is graffiti seems secondary. It is very clear where ENTES comes from, but not where it is going.

Without a doubt, his work has graffiti and its history as a context. In this framework, we find personal options such as the vindication of an Afro-Peruvian identity, and of a Hispanic-American identity within graffiti. Emerging from a context as harsh and difficult as that of New York graffiti of the 1970s, that of Lima and Callao, ENTES seems to have traveled almost the entire formal path of the genre.

In collaboration with Superchief Gallery


Edition: 200 Platinum NFT Tickets  |  USD 200

Nychos creates art from deep within his soul. Deeply rooted in Graffiti and shaped by the visual inputs of his early years, his work comprises murals, fine art, illustrations, sculptures, and animations.

By the means of anatomy, Nychos investigates the living species across different contexts and different media. His favorite tool is the spray can, his favorite surface is large. Questioning contrasts, he unifies looseness and accuracy. Severity and irony. The inner and the outer world. The dark and the bright. And most importantly, life and death. Within his oeuvre, one embraces the other. All becomes one.

In collaboration with Mirus Gallery


Edition: 200 Platinum NFT Tickets  |  USD 200

Relm is an oil painter and amateur sculptor born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and raised in NYC. Her work ranges from erotic dream-like and desolate settings to unique twists on basic portraiture. The beings she creates are innocent outcasts, exiled into their fairytale worlds. Every piece is a small glimpse into their destitute lives. Behind each set of doe eyes and pouty lips, there is a background full of diverse emotions and individual experiences to connect to.

In collaboration with Mortal Machine Gallery


Edition: 200 General NFT Tickets  |  USD 150

Kathie Olivas is a multi-media narrative artist who resides in Algodones, NM. She began drawing portraits as a child and found an extreme love for creating from her imagination a world that did not exist in her own reality, often driven by her connection with the alter ego and reflective of her own experiences with a rare genetic disorder.

A dark blend of early American portraiture set in post-apocalyptic times, her paintings and sculptures are a satirical look at how fear affects our sense of reality. Her wide eyed children and anthropomorphic creatures are meant to evoke a nostalgic reaction that reflects isolation and uncertainty, yet they also act as empowered alter egos. While these characters explore their new lonely worlds, they double as our narrators capable of developing their own defense mechanisms.

In collaboration with Haven Gallery


Edition: 200 Platinum NFT Tickets  |  USD 200

Logan Hicks deals with the urban landscape in his work. His intricate stenciled murals depict the nuances of city life that epitomize the urban existence. Based on pictures, Hicks creates stencils with usually more than five different layers, cut out piece-by-piece, and painted one on top of each other. The result is hyper-realistic works showing urban situations in an exceptional nocturnal light.

In collaboration with Taglialatella Galleries


Edition: 200 General NFT Tickets  |  USD 150

Admiring the European classical masters, Maudy Alferink studied their skills and created her self-taught techniques to come to a result that can be placed in-between classical realism and hyperrealism.

Alferink often empowers the qualities of the feminine being in her subject matter.
Also questioning biased social and gender roles in her work, Alferink translates these subjects to hyperrealistic contemporary à la mode oil paintings, which she transforms into  NFT's. With that, her classical craftsmanship requiring months of painting is captured into the NFT.


Edition: 200 General NFT Tickets  |  USD 150

Diana Sinclair is a Black queer teen creative based in New Jersey. Although experienced and awarded in many mediums, Sinclair is currently focusing on her video-portraiture and experimenting with new mediums. Her work chiefly focuses on identity and the social issues she’s surrounded by. Sinclair (b. 2004) has been engaging seriously in the arts since she was nine, with her first professional art show debut occurring at the age of fourteen. She has since studied several different mediums at institutions such as SVA, NYU, and the Academy of Art University. In November 2020 she was selected as a YoungArts 2021 Finalist in Photography.

After joining the NFT space early in the year, she established herself as one of the youngest curators in the metaverse by curating the global NFT exhibition “The Digital Diaspora” in June. This exhibit showed the weekend of Juneteenth at Superchief Gallery NFT in NYC, and has been covered by notable media like Teen Vogue, The Guardian, Hypebeast Art, and more.

Sinclair on the project, "SCOPE has long embraced the avant-garde in the art world, so I think it’s perfect that on their 20th anniversary they’ve taken on the new artistic landscape. This collaboration with SCOPE is a merge of both the physical and digital art spaces, which is not only exciting, but a display of how well the two can come together and what impact that will have on our future. I’m absolutely honored to be included in such a monumental show and participate in this movement through SCOPE."

In collaboration with Superchief Gallery


Edition: 200 General NFT Tickets  |  USD 150

Environmental artist Saype is known for his monumental fresco work on organic surfaces on the ground using his own unique and eco-friendly paint composed of charcoal and chalk. He is considered a pioneer in his field and builds a bridge between traditional street art and land art, all while taking extra care to not harm the land he is working on. Saype’s work invites us to question our inner nature, our spirit, our place on Earth, and in society. His innovation and environmental care has skyrocketed him to international fame, and he was recently included in Forbes 30 under 30 list for art and culture.

In Partnership with Live Nation


Edition: 200 General NFT Tickets  |  USD 150
Photo by Chia Messina

Caledonia Curry, aka Swoon, is a Brooklyn-based street artist. Drawing on both realistic and fantastical elements, Curry has been transforming the world with her immersive installations, wheatpaste portraits, and community-based social justice projects for the last two decades.

While Curry’s work has adorned the walls of more classical institutions—including New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, and the Tate Modern—her overarching aim is always to create accessible art that transports audiences while simultaneously shedding light on pressing social and environmental issues. Most recently, she has begun exploring visual storytelling through film and

Curry on the digital initiative, “For the first time, I have created a body of work that lives on a screen. After so many installations that come apart after only so many people see them, I wanted to make something where what you see in pictures is what you were meant to see, not an after image of a “you had to be there moment”. It’s opened up so many avenues, and I’ve been enjoying figuring out the various ways that these works can be shown, from the traditional blacked-out theater space of a museum to the new ways that Superchief is exploring to share digital works.”

In collaboration with Superchief Gallery


Edition: 200 General NFT Tickets  |  USD 150

This NFT VIP ticket will be presented by CTWF (Coloring The World Foundation), a foundation inspired by the philosophy of life and the vision of the world transmitted by the artist Okuda San Miguel, the foundation's honorary president, and ambassador.  

CTWF was built on the desire to fill the world with color, creativity, and optimism by listening and participating with all communities to create a more diverse and inclusive society through art and culture.  The ticket will run alongside a curation by Coloring the World Foundation, "I Don't Wanna Be, I Am."

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